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Intergenerational Integration

Bringing together different generations for their mutual benefit and enjoyment.


We believe that by connecting children and older adults together we can promote healthy ageing, child development and community well-being. The IA is committed to co-designing and delivering programs that deliver social benefits by connecting children and older adults together. Our goal is to complete a six-site trial to prove the science behind these benefits and, from this work, we will develop effective and sustainable programs that can be implemented at scale.

Teaching kids language, empathy and spontaneous helping behaviours.

Helping older adults improve their fitness, mobility, thinking skills and quality of life.

Who we're helping

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of older and younger Australians through evidence-based intergenerational practice.


Get involved

Do you think that you, your loved ones, or community may benefit from programs like these?

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IA is about co-designing and delivering evidence-based programs to prove these benefits, so we can deliver meaningful programs in the future that improve Australia’s social wellbeing at scale.

Support our efforts to develop and run intergenerational  programs Australia wide!

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