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About us

We believe that by connecting children and older adults together we can promote healthy ageing, child development and community well-being.

IA is not-for-profit organization led by a board of community, clinical and business expertise. The board is advised by an expert committee with a diverse range of skills including expertise in intergenerational practice, frailty, aged care, child development, care and education.


Who we are

IA is committed to co-designing and delivering programs that deliver social benefits by connecting children and older adults together. Our goal is to complete a six-site trial to prove the science behind these benefits and, from this work, we will develop effective and sustainable programs that can be implemented at scale.

Why is this important?

With the aged care sector and public health and education budgets stretched, dementia impacting more and more families and COVID-19 creating more social isolation, there is no more critical time to invest in this work. Innovation in aged care and childcare will become more important and we strongly believe connecting children and older adults can promote healthy ageing, child development and community well-being.

Hasn’t this been done before?

The 2019 and 2020 ABC documentaries, ‘Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds’, brought together elderly people in a retirement community with a group of four-year-olds, considering whether this engagement could help transform the lives of the elderly. While the anecdotal results of this experiment were overwhelmingly positive, gaping holes in our understanding of their utility and effectiveness remain. 3i trial will scientifically evaluate whether intergenerational practice has positive effects for healthy ageing, child development and community well-being.

We deliver:


scientific evidence from commissioned research relating to the impact of intergenerational programs on frailty;


co-designed evidence-based intergenerational programs;


guidelines for best practice for communities in Australian to implement intergenerational practices.

Donate today

IA is about co-designing and delivering evidence-based programs to prove these benefits, so we can deliver meaningful programs in the future that improve Australia’s social wellbeing at scale.

Support our efforts to develop and run intergenerational  programs Australia wide!

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